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Post-assessment, you'll receive a detailed report within 72 hours
With 25-30% better asset coverage than a firewall, you can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
Respond to threats intelligently, as threats will be presented with their associated risk level

We Deliver Actionable Results [And Help Your IT team Upskill] Using Cutting-Edge Vulnerability Scanning Technology

Your organisation can try to conduct its own vulnerability assessment, but it’s also risky to jump into something you don’t fully understand. Because your IT team may be unaware of the methodologies, reporting and review process that come with the software, a vulnerability assessment can produce poor results if done incorrectly, leading to frustration and eventually giving up.

We’ll use the latest vulnerability assessment tools to quickly identify all of the components that make up your network, allowing us to spot any potential compliance or security issues. Your IT team can work with us and learn what they need to know to improve their ability to report on zero-day vulnerabilities, saving you any training costs.

Get peace of mind with an assessment that, with little to no effort on your part, maps out your Cyber Strategy for the next 2-3 years

Is there is no room to come to terms with the need to develop a long-term cyber security strategy? Too preoccupied with figuring out how to grow the business? While your IT department is focused on maintaining business continuity and meeting project deadlines?

By performing a thorough assessment, our vulnerability management program will save you time and effort by guiding you to invest in the right security tools and practices that won’t become obsolete over time. Regardless of personnel changes, you’ll have a solid security structure in place. It’s reassuring to know that your company’s revenue-generating activities won’t be disrupted while a major problem is resolved.

Get a 360° degree view on whether your security tools are doing what their supposed to do

You may have installed firewalls and anti-virus software to secure your network, but those tools only scratch the surface of cyber security. IT teams can configure these tools and have them operational, but there is frequently no mechanism in place to test whether these tools do what they are supposed to do.

Trying to test these tools in isolation can result in overburdened administrators being assigned too many servers to keep their patches and configuration updated and logs monitored. Our vulnerability management program will help you focus and direct your attention to the security flaws that require the most attention, as well as the parts of your IT infrastructure that are causing vulnerabilities in the first place.


Who we've worked with to secure their systems

Use successful assessments to your advantage by posting them in your social media content and gain goodwill from customers, businesses, and media outlets

In a 2021 State of Email Security Report conducted by Mimecast, it’s reported that 50% of consumers would stop spending money with their favourite brand if they fell victim to a phishing attack. Companies do themselves a disservice when they place all their security on a hosting provider or a firewall.

The best companies test and evaluate their systems on a regular basis. Set the standard in your industry. Transparency in your assessments, whether through press releases or social media, can bring trust and loyalty among your existing client base while possibly attracting new clients.

You’ll never have to spend unbudgeted dollars on post-hacking cleanups and recovery processes, which can cost you 7–14 days of business interruption

Don’t run a company that, after being hacked, scrambles to find someone to clean their infected machines and retrieve data backups from various locations. It’s embarrassing for everyone involved, from the IT teams sweating to get systems back online to explaining how you were breached to stakeholders.  

Our vulnerability management program will help you in taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity, and you’ll never have to deal with a public relations disaster or a painful recovery time of 7–14 business days to get your systems back online.


Here are the common questions we've been asked

The first thing we usually emphasize is that it’s not an audit. Attitudes are different with an audit. Assessments aren’t designed to embarrass people or to point fingers, but to help companies make informed decisions

It really depends on the customer and what they need. We assess against a framework, like National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The NIST framework is usually used by state and local governments, and ISO is usually used by corporations and other market-driven companies

Vulnerability assessments are useful for maintaining security, whereas penetration testing uncovers whether your established security software is capable of capturing exploits. It is recommended that you conduct a vulnerability assessment first, followed by a penetration test. But, if you’re confident you have a mature security structure in place, then you can dive straight into pen testing.

Yes, but keep in mind that vulnerability scanning will only tell you about the vulnerabilities in your system and how to fix them. After you’ve fixed the flaws, a penetration test will simulate real-world attacks to see if your system can withstand them. As a whole, the program is more effective

It depends on the size of the company, but the average is about 1 – 7 days for doing the actual assessment. One thing that helps is having plenty of lead time to schedule an assessment. One or two months is ideal and can save you money.

Download our free exclusive eBook! Inside you'll discover:

✔ A quick 2-page introduction on what vulnerability assessment is and how to start your assessment – Avoid common newbie mistakes by understanding the fundamentals on how to go about assessing your network.

✔ The timeless 5-step methodology for vulnerability scanning and assessment which will give you a founding block for years to carry out successful assessments and prevent attacks.

✔ 5 Proven Vulnerability Scanning Tools – We reveal the right tools to help you minimize security incidents by extracting zero-day vulnerabilities that can destroy your IT infrastructure in seconds (page 8)


Following a vulnerability assessment, your company should remediate the majority, if not all, of the identified vulnerabilities within 30 days. You’ll be advised to proceed with a recommended follow-up penetration test.

If you choose to proceed with a penetration test or simply go with a continuous web monitoring assessment, we promise your company will be secure from vulnerability exploits for a 180-day turnaround. This is a quality-stamp satisfaction guarantee for your company.

If you do get breached on our watch or after testing the robustness of your systems (over a 6-month period), we’ll help you with patch management and remediation work for FREE until you’re secure.

Free 30-minute consulting session to give your network security the shot in the arm it needs to be near impenetrable (valued at $200)

Reserve your free 30-minute consultation with one of our cybersecurity experts who’ll personally build a roadmap on how to take your basic network and web application security setup to a near impenetrable well-oiled machine with actionable results delivered to you yearly, quarterly or on a month-by-month basis.

During your session you’ll discover:

✔ How to conduct a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test to ensure you get business continuity and a return on investment

✔ Post-assessment, you’ll be advised on how to address and manage vulnerabilities. Details of how you can extract value from your report can be discussed.

✔ How insecure network designs in your organisation can be restructured to reduce the possibility of a security breach

✔ If cybersecurity training can play in any role in raising stakeholders security awareness. Employees’ lack of knowledge on cyber issues is known to be the cause of 85% of security breaches