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Now, You Can Safeguard Your Corporate And Cloud Data Network Worth $30,000 Or More Using This Breakthrough Threat Detector Method

Watch Your IT Personnel Save Up To 32 Hours A Month In Cybersecurity Reporting Using This Simple System

Detect Threats in 120 Minutes Per Machine

Proven 10-Year Cybersecurity Software

Satisfaction Guarantee

Save Up To 8 Hours Per Week On Time-Consuming Security Protocols And Reporting 

Are your developers or IT members overwhelmed by the sheer number of deadlines they have to meet? Ignoring security patches to meet a fast production pipeline could mean leaving your IT network security hanging by a thread with mere backups and a firewall…

Abangane’s unique Threat Detector® System can save your IT staff up to 8 hours per week (32 hours per month) in extensive security implementation, configuration and reporting. Our breakthrough method enables you to leverage automated vulnerability scanning to deliver an understandable summary of every weak point in your IT network – much faster than your current firewall configuration.

Know What Assets Need Immediate Protection In 120 Minutes Or Less

When your IT department undertake a cybersecurity assessment it can be difficult to know where to start. It could take your team members a lot of time to figure out which devices need patches and how best to apply them. Should we scan vulnerabilities on workstations or on servers? Abangane can help with this.

Using nothing more than a memory stick, our method is simple to implement. Your team is empowered to manage vulnerabilities independently and on their own timetable. We can be on-site to schedule scans around your current staffing levels…helping you minimize mistakes and allocate human resources where it needs the most attention.

Here's A Fraction Of What You'll Discover With Abangane Digital Solutions...

Set your team free from the shackles of not having enough time and working after-hours

Your IT department can learn new methods in managing cyber software because our product is easy to integrate and use. Helping them manage strategic goals and cybersecurity issues side-by-side even under time constraints - (There'll be no excuse if your company is ever compromised online)

The #1 mechanism you'll need to catch zero-day vulnerabilities in next to no time

We'll give you the ability to use automated vulnerability scanning. You'll know exactly how healthy your IT assets are and if any pose a threat to the entire corporate IT network - (Not even your firewall can perform such a simulation as fast)

Get crystal-clear vulnerability reports in 72 hours or less after the assessment

A report will be delivered from a non-technical or technical standpoint, both for executives and IT staff. Giving you excellent visibility into the overall status of the network and what tangible steps need to be taken to fix any emerging problems.

Try this software, iterated and perfected over a decade and is supported by an experienced team. In most markets, this combination is unrivaled

Not sure where and how to start your assessment? We can get things started for you while imparting our skills to make your business as technologically robust as it can be. We've got the perfect blend of software and experience unlike anything you've seen before.

Don’t Let Corporate Politics Endanger Your Information Technology Network

When trying to perform your own network assessment you’ve probably seen something close to the following scenario: You use your own in-house consultative security expertise to advise on security risk. Middle management takes that advice and using mental gymnastics…strips some things away and distils risk into a fraction of what should be reported.

Depending on who has which targets (Sales, CTO, Operations), cybersecurity is  a distraction they’ll bypass, increasing risk and non-compliance. We’ll provide you with an unbiased assessment of your network’s overall health. You’ll know every vulnerable port and know what governance is needed to save you millions of dollars in the future.

Want To Avoid Leaving Your Information Security To Chance? Reduce The Burden

Any IT staff member can tell you the trouble of finding and patching vulnerabilities. For example, out of 1000 assets, 950 were updated but your team is unable to patch 10 workstations due to time constraints. Leaving vulnerabilities to change forms and duplicate.

Our proven system offers fast automation and works on ANY operating system. No longer will your team members have to scan a huge IP base which could take them weeks or even months to cover…not to mention the tedious reporting that comes with it. You’ll eliminate any possibility of network failures, improve coordination of tasks and boost employee coexistence.

Trusted By Some Of The Biggest Players Spanning Across Multiple Industries

Our Team Is Filled With COBIT, CISA, CISM And CGEIT Qualified Experts

Our experts hold world-recognized qualifications from ISACA such as CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC and COBIT. Upon completion of the assessment, we’ll provide you with your Cybersecurity Preparedness Score based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

You’ll also receive a full customized report that will allow you to dive into your results, get recommendations on how to improve your score, and compare yourself to industry averages.

Profit From 10 Years Of Proven Cybersecurity Science

Some cybersecurity agencies conduct an assessment and create a report filled with difficult-to-understand jargon. You’ll see an ‘A+ pass rating’ at the end of your report without context for the patch updates you need. Don’t fall prey to these amateurs.

Following the assessment, your team will have all the tools they need to tackle larger security issues with a solution backed by ten years of cybersecurity science and an experienced team. Complex IT terms will be delivered to you in plain and simple language. You’ll be able use this information to improve goodwill and transparency with stakeholders in tandem with your financial audits.

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The 5 Factors You'll Need To Know When Starting Your Assessment - (Consider These Factors And The Players Involved To Set You On The Right Course)


Learn Firsthand How Professionals In The Cybersecurity Field Approach Vulnerability Remediation - (It's A Four-Step Process That Arose From A Microsoft Business Crash In 2004!)


Caution: Knowing This ONE Thing Post-Assessment Could Save Your Team Members Hours Of Time By Knowing Exactly Where To Look For Vulnerabilities

Abangane's Impeccable Satisfaction Guarantee

Finding vulnerabilities may seem cumbersome when you already have an IT department and a firewall in place, but that hasn’t stopped hackers from going on a war path.

According to a survey commissioned by VIPRE, 66 percent of companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a data breach or cyber-attack. IBM confirmed that the average cost of a data breach is USD 4.24 Million in 2021.

We are 100% committed to ensuring your business has the most resilient IT network money can buy. Giving you a step-by-step outline to implement the right patches and even provide additional testing if needed.

If you patch the vulnerabilities outlined in our post-assessment report, we guarantee your IT network will be 99.9% secure from internal and external cyberattacks for the next 12 months.

Bonus 24/7 Asset Monitoring [Valued At $1500.00] Giving You A Full Cyber Security Package To Safeguard Your IT Network Beyond 12 Months....

Reserve your free no-obligation 30 minute consultation with one our expert Cybersecurity Strategists who’ll personally build you a custom roadmap on how start and develop your network assessment. Discover the secrets that mainstream media isn’t telling you to hacker-proof your IT infrastructure…for the next 12 months.

But we only have capacity to manage 3 businesses for every 6 months

Plus, in your free no-obligation consultation you’ll also discover:

What is a network assement and why exactly your business would need one

Get a clear cybersecurity roadmap for your IT infrastructure, helping you save money and giving your team the time to focus on strategic activities.

The #1 reason most business owners fear about network assessments and how we overcome it

We're aware how crucial it is for you to keep your business operations and systems running smoothly. Learn more on how we navigate our assessments with little to no system downtime for your employees.

The two crucial supplementary assessments that could secure your network well beyond 12 months.

A simple network assessment is only the beginning in your company's cybersecurity journey. Discover two more proven testing and tracking methods to never worry about cybersecurity issues for the next 2 years.