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Utilize This Breakthrough Forensics System To Rapidly Scale Your Cybersecurity Proactivity To Protect Critical Web Applications

Protect Your IT Investments And Save Up To 32 Hours A Month In Reporting Using This Simple System

Detect Threats in 120 Minutes Per Machine

Proven 10-Year Cybersecurity Software

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Try This New Way Of Amplifying Your IT Security To Benefit Your Business In More Ways Than One

Are you concerned about hackers exploiting missing patches in your applications? Or employees installing ticking-time bomb software they shouldn’t be? If your company has been looking for the most secure and time-efficient way to improve the security of its critical web applications…then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Hi. We’re the team at Abangane Digital Solutions. We’re a local company specializing in cybersecurity forensics and training. Through vigorous testing and experience, we’ve unearthed a mechanism unlike anything being used in the IT industry right now. A tool so powerful and simple to use…you’ll identify every security gap in your IT architecture in almost next to no time – saving you a lot time and money in the long run.

Our experts hold world-recognized qualifications from ISACA such as CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC and COBIT. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in our service.


Swiftly Turn Your Network Security From Reactive To Proactive Mode

According to the shocking report by KPMG’s Africa Cyber Security Outlook Report (2022) roughly 66% of enterprises do not have a cybersecurity function with oversight to risk management and internal audit. This tells us that many corporations continue to face huge financial and timing risks.

If you feel like you’re too dependent on reactive tools like your antivirus, firewall or simply wait on your IT staff to resolve things at the last minute…then try our smart prioritizing technology to proactively weed out vulnerabilities created by hackers or internal fraud opportunists – combining our tech with your current infrastructure can upgrade your network security to near impenetrable status.

Reduce Your IT Cost Of Ownership Through Simple And Accurate Reporting

Tired of manually producing reports? Or depending on agencies who deliver 50 page documents full of jargon – giving out consultancy that stretches the truth and trying too hard to sell on fear when it’s not really warranted?

Here at Abangane, we’ll give you accurate and digestible reporting easy for execs and technical members to follow.  You’ll know the exact updates needed to amplify your network security…eliminating software bogging down your IT bandwidth to reduce your cost of ownership. Our experts can be on standby to provide context around vulnerabilities – empowering you to swiftly remediate threats. 

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Your Strategy Call…

How A Combination Of The Right Security Software Will Make Your Network Impenetrable

Our next-gen software can bring proactiveness to your existing IT security measures and if you stick with it…could save nearly half of what you're currently paying in IT software, year-on-year.

How Simple Reporting Can Spread Enthusiasm And Kickstart A Cybersecurity Culture Revolution

We’ll provide you with a reporting structure that’s so easy to follow you’ll know the exact governance needed to keep your systems safe…and turn the tide around corporate politics!

The One Feature That Allows You To Flexibly Allocate Human Capital

Use automated scanning to allow team members to work on numerous deadlines whilst a major IT operation takes care of itself - without constant supervision or attention.

Effortlessly Scale And Save Your IT Team Members As Much As 32 Hours A Month

We provide a transparent 24/7 online asset tracking solution to assist you in monitoring your corporate's proclivity for zero-day vulnerability attacks and potential corporate data theft - completely relieving your IT team of the burden.

Utilize Cloud Monitoring To Save Resources And Gain Support From Staff Members

Tired of the following scenario? You use your own in-house consulting security expertise to advise on security risk. Middle management takes that advice and using mental gymnastics…strips some things away and distils risk into a fraction of what should be reported.

Depending on who has which targets (Sales or Accounting)…cybersecurity can be a point of blame for not meeting targets, increasing risk and non-compliance. To counter this…we offer a transparent, 24/7 cloud monitoring solution.  We can protect your customer data by continuously evaluating and reporting attack vectors as they appear… saving your IT staff members up to 32 hours per month in implementation and reporting – reducing the burden on system resources and improving employee coexistence.

Be Free To Shift Key Personnel – Made Possible Using Automated Scanning

If you’ve attempted to conduct a network assessment before but didn’t know where to start – it’s not your fault. It can take your team members a lot of time to figure out which devices need patches and how best to apply them. Should we scan vulnerabilities on workstations or on servers? Abangane can help with this.

Using nothing more than a memory stick, our software is simple to integrate on any operating system. Leveraging fast automated scanning, your team can search for vulnerabilities independently and on their own timetable. We can be on-site to schedule scans around your current staffing levels – helping you rapidly scale your security and allocate human resources where it needs the most attention.

Automate Your Network Security In 3 Easy Steps…

Book A No-Obligation Strategy Call

Reach out to one of our cybersecurity experts to evaluate the severity of your cybersecurity problem and discover yourself how easy it is to predictably safeguard your IT assets with minimum effort.

We’ll Scan Your Network To Address Potential Vulnerabilities

Our network scan will include all devices with an IP address, such as desktops, laptops, wireless network, etc. We’ll identify which areas are the most high-risk. This ensures that you’re focusing your energy on what’s most important.

Conduct Remediation Work

Ideally, you’ll want to plan to execute your premeditation work during existing scheduled maintenance periods. This ensures minimal interruptions in your network’s service, and maximal convenience to your team and your clients.

Abangane's Impeccable Satisfaction Guarantee

If your business is assessed by Abangane, we guarantee our work to be compliant with well-known cybersecurity frameworks (NIST) and regulatory requirements (unless waived by you). If you’re also concerned about a third-party accessing and storing your data, we’ll be more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or any other terms and conditions which your organisation would like to bring forward.

We defend our work at no additional cost…we’ll even work with your internal auditor or regulator – we’re that confident in the quality we provide. On the off chance that a change needs to be made to the deliverable, we’ll do that for free. It’s that simple.

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Download This Exclusive Report To Unlock The Secrets On How To Build A Resilient Network For The Next 12 Months…


The 5 Factors You'll Need To Know When Starting Your Assessment - (Consider These Factors And The Players Involved To Set You On The Right Course)


Learn Firsthand How Professionals In The Cybersecurity Field Approach Vulnerability Remediation - (It's A Four-Step Process That Arose From A Microsoft Business Crash In 2004!)


Caution: Knowing This ONE Thing Post-Assessment Could Save Your Team Members Hours Of Time By Knowing Exactly Where To Look For Vulnerabilities


What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

A series of manual and automated processes and procedures used to assess and prioritize security vulnerabilities in a system (i.e. application and/or infrastructure). Conducting a VA helps to determine the security posture of the environment and the level of exposure to threats.

How long does it take to conduct a VA?

VA typically consists of 1-2 weeks of scanning/testing followed by 1-2 weeks of analysis and report preparation, wait time for VA to start is typically 3-4 months.

Who is responsible for remediating issues in the VA Report?

Remediation of all items as stated in the VA Report is the responsibility of the Requester and their project team. All remediation efforts must be documented by the Requester.