Information Protection

Get visibility into where your sensitive data is exposed across email and the cloud. Lock down access to files in the cloud, prevent data loss, and archive email and other communications to stay compliant.

Defend your #1 threat vector, stopping malware, credential phishing, and impersonation across email and cloud. Orchestrate responses to detected attacks and get actionable intelligence on who your Very Attacked People (VAPs) are.

User Protection

Educate your people and reduce risk with advanced threat simulations and cybersecurity awareness training. Protect them across personal webmail and web browsing.

Ecosystem Protection

Secure the digital channels you don’t own. Block imposter attacks and malicious content that uses trusted and lookalike email domains, web domains, and social media handles.
Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

If your organisation is like most migrating to Office 365 now or in the next 12-24-months. Outside of questions around core functionality, the most common questions about the service are around data protection and service availability, including topics such as access control, data at rest encryption, disaster recovery and compliance readiness to name a few, then you should seriously be looking at Proofpoint as part of your productivity solution.